Mickey Mouse Toodle Ears

There is a wide range of toys, dresses, accessories and bags that bear the icon image of Mickey Mouse. It has helped the Disney fans to keep their beloved star close to them at all times. There are many Disney accessories for all the characters, and Mickey Mouse, the most popular Disney star, has an exclusive collection of products for his fans. Mickey Mouse Toodle Ears are an amazing toy that you can gift to your kids. This toy either comes in a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toy set or you can get it separately.

Mickey Mouse Toodle Ears are interactive and there are many ways to play with it. You do not even have to worry about the methods of playing as Mickey Mouse tells you how to play. Your kids will love dancing to the tunes from Mickey Mouse himself. And Mickey Mouse plays by giving out instructions for the kid to follow. Mickey Mouse Toodle Ears also help in teaching kids about time. Your kids will definitely enjoy and have a lot of fun with this wonderful toy and it will provide them some knowledge in the disguise of fun and frolic.

The toodle ears are worn on the head, like a hat, so the music and voice of Mickey Mouse are always nearby. This toy is available in many bright colors. The combination of red and yellow toodle ears are the most popular ones. It runs on batteries and is made of quality plastic. The Mickey Mouse Toodle Ears are very safe and easy for any child to play with. Your kids will be very happy to hear their favorite clubhouse song and dance to its tunes.

So liven up your childs life with some Mickey Mouse Toodle Ears, and see the joy on their faces as they interact with their favorite Disney character.


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