Mickey Mouse Toothbrush

What to Look for in a Mickey Mouse toothbrush

Cartoon-related products are the best way to get your kids introduced to hygiene and have them treat it as something fun instead of a mundane task theyre obliged to comply with day after day. Brushing their teeth is easily one of the most troublesome things to teach the little rascals, so if you want to do it as easily as possible, youll have to show some creativity. A Mickey Mouse toothbrush is an idea that can have your kid rushing to the bathroom to brush his/her teeth straight after every meal, without you even having to say a word.

You have to be careful in choosing the right Mickey Mouse toothbrush though. First, consider the details how is Mickey featured on the item exactly? If its an engraving or figurine, that could present some problems with cleaning the toothbrush, as dirt can easily get stuck in the crevices. Sometimes a simple image can serve as the perfect decoration, but make sure its painted on an internal part of the brush and not on the outer layer, as this would make it prone to wearing off after a while.

Everyone knows you should replace your toothbrush frequently anyway though, so if you can afford to get a new Mickey Mouse toothbrush every 1-2 weeks or so for your kid, and he/she really loves the engraved designs more than the drawn ones, then theres nothing wrong with getting a toothbrush designed that way too. Be careful about allergies as some types of rubber commonly used in creating figurines of this size are unsuitable with children with sensitive skins.

Professionally designed Mickey Mouse toothbrushes will come with different options with regards to hair sensitivity and density just like with a regular toothbrush, youd expect to be able to pick between toothbrushes for all sorts of gum/teeth sensitivity, as well as optional extras like rubberized hairs for getting rid of the additional plaque and other features high-grade toothbrushes tend to have.

Its important to take your kids with you when youre out looking for a Mickey Mouse toothbrush for them, especially if this is your first time buying one getting a toothbrush with the wrong kind of design can have the opposite effect of what youre after, making the act of teeth brushing even more unpleasant for the kids. Get their feedback as much as you can on this, after all theyre the ones wholl be using this toothbrush after all!

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