Mickey Mouse Wall Decorations

Interested In Mickey Mouse Wall Decorations? Here Are 6 Ideas of What to Look For!

Does your home need some Disney magic? Mickey Mouse wall decorations really add personality to a room. Its not just kids who love Mickey themed wall decorations, either. You can find decorations for your own bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc. Or perhaps youre in charge of party decorations. If so, then you can find some reusable wall decals.

Mickey Mouse wall decorations encompass a wide variety of accessories: decals, murals, borders, clocks, wallpapers, paintings, and more. The decorations can be as simple or as detailed and elaborate as you want. Whether you just want a few decals here and there, or one large mural, you can find the perfect decorative pieces for the room!

Here are some tips for choosing Mickey Mouse wall decorations:

1. Decide on an overall design. So youve decided to go with a Mickey theme. Okay. Now what kind of Mickey decorations do you want? Simple? Vintage? Bright and colorful? Highly detailed? Elaborate? For a kids room or birthday party, you should go with bright, colorful, and modern. Kids wont appreciate vintage Mickey like adults do.

2. Make sure that all of the pieces go together. It wont look right to mix and match vintage Mickey with modern Mickey. The colors need to match the rest of the room. If you want a wallpaper border, choose a pattern that complements the walls and the room size. Detailed patterns will make a small room look cluttered, and simple patterns will make a large room appear bland.

3. Since you will be sticking these decorations onto your wall, you obviously need to consider the materials and fabrics with which they are made. Wallpaper borders are made out of synthetic materials and natural materials alike. Most people find vinyl to be the easiest to install and the easiest to clean. Also, do you want the decals to stick flat to the walls, or do you want 3D decorations that literally “pop” from the walls?

4. Want to turn Mickey Mouse wall decorations into a DIY project? Get your family together and paint wall mural designs! There are paint-by-number kits available, which contain customizable decoration pieces.

5. If you dont have a lot of time to spend on the decorations, then you can order peel and stick decorations. With these, its easy to add Disney magic to a room. They are easy to apply, yet strong enough to stay attached to the wall. If you want to use them again the future, get yourself some reusable decorations.

6. For something more permanent, go with a wall mural. There are some amazing murals featuring Mickey and his friends out on adventures. These can be very bright and colorful. For instance, you can get a wall mural featuring Mickey and his friends playing soccer for a boy. For a girl, you can get one featuring Mickey and Minnie out on a picnic.

These are just some examples of what to look for when shopping for Mickey Mouse wall decorations. Now you have some idea of how to choose the right decorations for your home!

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