Mickey Mouse Wall Murals

We all know how much children love Mickey Mouse, probably the most famous cartoon character of all time. He has been residing in our hearts since he was designed way back in 1928 and having Mickey Mouse wall murals in your house can refresh sweet memories of a trip to Disneyland and may also help you rejuvenate your mind whenever you feel low. Mickey Mouse symbolizes childhood fun and having a Mickey Mouse wall mural will bring joy to any kids bedroom.

Deciding a theme for your kids room can be a fun task. Murals are a modern way to decorate the walls of your home and it is a trend will continue for many years to come. There can surely be no better wall murals for your kids rooms than Mickey Mouse wall murals. Once you have decided on your main theme, you then need to decide on the form of the wall murals. You can go for decals and stickers, or the larger wallpaper wall mural, or you can opt for the full wall effect by painting a wall mural. The decals are usually tear free and are made of vinyl, and some can be reused, whereas the wallpaper and painted wall options are for the longer term.

The advantage of a painted mural is that it can be modified according to your childs liking. Nowadays, the colorful murals can consist of the complete Disney family including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald, and Daisy. Children often consider Mickey Mouse as their best friend and having a Mickey Mouse mural in their room will help them connect and develop a storyline which in turn helps their mind to grow and stay happy. Over time a painted Mickey Mouse wall mural can be updated as your kid’s tastes varies, adding extra characters or places to the mural.

When a wall mural is painted, parents can let the kids make decisions about Mickey Mouse wall mural thereby increasing their imaginative abilities and giving him some sort of responsibility at a young age. The flooring of the room can also be painted with a Mickey Mouse in order to complete the theme.

Mickey Mouse wall murals come in different shapes and sizes and can be coupled with other cartoon characters to give the room a vibrant look. Decorating the walls of your house with a mural is an enjoyable task, which I am sure you and you your kids will enjoy

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