Mickey Mouse Wallets

A Priceless Wallet

The ideal gift you can give your child when you hand them their first allowance would be a wallet. And if it is a Mickey Mouse wallet, there is nothing like it! Not only can they use it to keep the money safe, but it can also be used for other important items such as their library card. There can be no better image than that of Mickey Mouse on their wallet to help your kid keep the wallet safe.

Mickey Mouse has retained his top spot in the mind of his audience, as a true hero should. There have been many actors who have tasted success, but none of them have been able to retain the top spot for more than seventy years. Mickey Mouse alone has been able to do this! His popularity with kids, young adults and adults all across the world cannot be questioned. Mickey Mouse has appeared in movies, cartoons and comic books. Products showing the picture of Mickey Mouse have sold like hot cakes for many years. He has entertained us and the best part would be that each of Mickey Mouse stories has come with a moral aspect to it.

Mickey Mouse wallets are designed keeping in mind the needs of a child, and their safety. They are brightly colored with Mickey Mouse patterns. A few are especially hand stitched to give them a worn out look. The Mickey motifs on them are generally on a raised pattern so as to give a three-dimensional look. At times the patterns are hand painted. There are often several small and large compartments in order to store things in a more systematic manner. Also, many of these wallets are waterproof and take very little space. Again there are big and small ones to choose from depending on your requirement. Along with being fancy and attractive, these wallets are very durable and can be washed at home.

There is nothing like the feeling of growing up for a child. It can be taken it small steps at a time, with a Mickey Mouse wallet being one of many small steps to becoming an adult. The expression on your childs face to have his own money in his own wallet will truly be priceless!

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