Mickey Mouse Wallpaper Border

Looking for a Mickey Mouse Wallpaper Border? Here are 5 Tips to Help You with Your Search

Mickey Mouse Wallpaper BorderAre you decorating with a Disney theme? If so, then you cant go wrong with a Mickey Mouse wallpaper border. Nothing adds more personality to a room than Mickey Mouse. Children and adults alike appreciate this classic mouse, along with his friends: Pluto, Donald, Goofy, and Minnie. There are so many wallpaper borders depicting classic Disney characters that you might have trouble settling on just one!

Choosing the right Mickey Mouse wallpaper border will bring the walls to life in a fun way. And these borders arent just intended for kids rooms they can be appreciated in an adults room as well. Wallpaper border can be as subtle as you want it to be or as bold and bright. It can be used as simple accents or to cover up imperfections on the walls.

What purpose(s) will the wallpaper border serve? Consider that purpose before settling on a pattern and design.

With that said, here are a few tips for choosing Mickey Mouse wallpaper border:

  1.  What kind of design do you want? How about a Mickey comic strip border? Or a Mickey “Through the Ages” design, which depicts the various Mickeys over the decades? Some classic borders are black and white. Modern designs are bright and colorful. Some designs feature Mickey alone and others have him with his friends.
  2. What colors would look best in the room? Some Mickey Mouse designs feature classic, Black and White Mickey. Some feature him surrounded by bright, yellow stars and bluebirds. Mickey and stars patterns are the perfect blend of classic, nostalgic Disney with modern animation.
  3.  How simple do you want the border to be? The simplest Mickey Mouse wallpaper border is white with a black outline of Mickeys face and ears. The most detailed designs are the comic strips. For a small room, a large comic strip along the wall might make the space seem cluttered.
  4. Keep in mind that dark colors make large rooms appear smaller. Repeated patterns hide bumps and other imperfections. Large patterns create visual appeal. Horizontal patterns make narrow rooms appear wider. Vertical patterns make wide rooms appear narrow.
  5. Decide on the material. Mickey Mouse wallpaper border can be made out of paper, foil, pre-pasted vinyl, vinyl-coated paper, and even natural fibers like bamboo! Vinyl paper is the most popular choice since its easy to apply to the walls. Its also resistant to tears and easy to maintain. Wallpaper border with acrylic coatings are the easiest to wash. You can easily wipe it down with a sponge.

These five tips will help you decide on which Mickey Mouse wallpaper border to choose. Dont let the number of patterns overwhelm you: just use these tips to help you narrow down the choices.

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