Mickey Mouse Wrist Watch

Ever since the iconic Walt Disneys cartoon character Mickey Mouse was created, we all have been drawn to the tiny black mouse in red pants and white gloves. You must still feel nostalgic about those days when you were young and sat in front of your TV sets to watch the Disney cartoons or when you used to get mesmerized by the oh so cute romance between Mickey and Minnie or when a new Disney movie would run in a theater in your city and the entire family would take you there to watch it.

To remember those beautiful moments, products like Mickey Mouse clothes jewelries and watches have been introduced in the market. Amongst them one of the most popular items is the Mickey Mouse wrist watch. The Ingersoll Waterbury Clock Co. of Waterbury, Conn, fashioned the Mickey icon watch for the first time back in 1933. These watches have been manufactured by Ingersoll for over 3 decades till the 50s. The company became US Time in the 60s and eventually it became Timex which still produces these items.

Your children will not only love the bright and cheerful dials and the tiny revolving Mickeys in the watch, they would also be the envy of other kids in school who will probably go running to their parents complaining about how nice that kids watch is and how badly they want a watch just like his.

Now, you must be thinking that the Mickey Mouse wrist watch is probably for children and, yes, you are rightbut not entirely. While the Mickey Mouse wrist watch may definitely be your childs favorite watch to wear to school, Mickey watches are not all bright neon colored and made of plastic. There are some classic watches which are not only a vintage, but are also very exquisite. Like many people, you can also start a collection of these classics. They do not come cheap, but this is after all a very unique collection. If you are wearing a classic Mickey Mouse wrist watch, it not only means that you have knowledge about vintage stuff, it also means that you personify dignity and you exude happiness.

The Mickey Mouse wrist watch was originally manufactured by Ingersoll for a price of $3.25. A pocket watch for a dollar and half was also launched around that time. Now you can get these watches for a price ranging from as low as $3 to as much as more than $3000.

Disney swiss watch:

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