Timex Mickey Mouse Watch

Mickey Mouse keeps time

Disneys Mickey Mouse has always been an integral part of every child while growing up. You must also have loved the tiny little mouse back in your childhood days. To cherish these memories, Timex has come up with a really beautiful concept, introducing a range of Mickey Mouse watches. The Timex Mickey Mouse watch is an exquisite piece of art which not only reminds you of the iconic Disney character, but also keeps precise time for years to come.

If you dont know this then it is about time you came to know that even though we are surrounded by timekeeping apparatuses of all types, be it the cell phone or computer or the refrigerator clock or the wall clock, wearing a good watch is a status quo for all of us. You should not expend on cheap local watches which are bound to break within three months. If you are keen for any advice, you should buy good brand watches. One of the all time dependable watch company is the Timex watch company.

If you have a child preparing go to middle school they would definitely be pestering you to get them a new watch. The Timex Mickey Mouse watch would definitely be a good choice for you as it is not only a dependable brand, but you can also make your child very happy and excited about the bright smiling Mickey on the dial or the Mickey hands which point at the hour and minute.

The Timex Mickey Mouse watch has a history dating back to the 1930s. The Ingersoll Waterbury Clock Co. of Waterbury, Conn, fashioned the Mickey icon watch for the first time back in 1933. These watches have been manufactured by Ingersoll for over 3 decades till the 50s. The company became US Time in the 60s and eventually it became the Timex we all know of, which still produces these items till date.

When you wear a Timex piece you emanate confidence, charm and poise. Timex Mickey Mouse watch on the contrary to the usual Timex pieces radiates cheerfulness, life and laughter. You can be assured that this watch is the very child friendly and for you, this watch is pocket friendly too. The digital Mickey Mouse watch by Timex is priced at a range starting from $55. So go ahead and give your son or daughter a little treat and get them a watch that will make your child the envy of the school and you never know, he may even become the most popular kid in class.

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